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I don’t know how she does it but her ability to craft epic tales is awe-inspiring and exemplifies the kind of author/writer I want to become one day. If you’re unfamiliar with her work – FIX THAT IMMEDIATELY. So I wanted to write a review but several reader friends out there who are still reading them have SWORN TO BEHEAD ANYONE WHO SPOILS THEM WITH RANDOM FACEBOOK POSTS, and since I’m afraid of sharp things and losing more sleep via death threats, here is my NO SPOILER REVIEW OF BOOK 3: First off, I was like this: AND THEN, I was like this: AND THEN, a few characters did something, said something, and I had to be like this: AND THEN, some other epic stuff happened and I was all like this for two days straight: And THEN! Several weeks ago, the number of reviews on all my novels were much higher.

With that she left the room, closing the door behind her, leaving me all alone in that position. When I woke up I was so relieved that it was a dream because I never, ever want for Mistress to be angry like that toward me.

Mistress will sometimes have me wear this under my clothes. Even though I was naked, it didn't seem at all out of place. She attached a leash to my balls harness and roughly pulls on it indicating that I should follow her.

I was engaged with everyone else at the table in witty banter when all of a sudden Mistress comes up to me, grabs me by the ear, pulls me to my feet and begins to scold me for something. She leads me into a room and on the far wall there are three hooks.

The power of Facebook networking came though today with a list of things to do: HOPE THIS HELPS. The first in the two book series, , was also in the top 100 on Amazon. From there, every day, words bombarded my every thought.

Not sure if it will fix the problem, but we’ve got to start somewhere. Never in a million years would I have thought it possible. But what few people know is these two novels would be NOTHING without the help of a few very awesome women I am fortunate to have in my life. I started typing them out just to have a place for them to exist beyond my imagination.

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And I did something ballsy stupid/smart – I emailed Jeff Bezos directly and asked him why Create Space novels were not eligible for entry into the Amazon sanctioned “Vine Review” program.

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