Diy updating knob and tub updating the q system for nmt

Because of the dangers involved, we urge you to contact a licensed electrician to detect and correct all knob and tube wiring in your home or commercial business.

If you are selling your home or business building, it’s expedient for you to have this issue fixed in advance because your buyer won’t be able to get insurance with knob and tube wiring in place.

Remember that this type of wiring uses two wires instead of three.

These two are the hot wire and the return neutral wire; the ground wire is missing.

Older houses often have what is called ‘knob and tube’ wiring.

This means that more current is flowing through the wire than it is meant to handle, leading to excessive heat and possible fire.But why is it so dangerous that nobody wants to insure it?Is it something we should fear ourselves if our homes already have this type of wiring?Then go down into your basement and look for the same thing.In the basement, the wiring is often below the floorboards above.

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Go up the stairs into your attic and follow the exposed wiring.

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