Do register amp doaction validating amp id

Also, doesn't appear to be using external storage, which we probably want.(optilude) - Based off the How-to type (needs to be folderish) - same type of general listing, with categories in the container etc.This needs proper testing, the search seems to not be indexing things properly at the moment - searching the PHC on is a miserable experience.:] - TODO: Not yet done (optilude) - A way to set PHC-wide default Rights attribute - on we want everything to be under the same license, for example.Priority #1, explained near the bottom of - this document. ("Comment notifications") - XXX: Not tested, but assume this is done?(optilude) - All content types need Sharing tab @@ -88,6 93,8 @@ - The help center template should list any other normal folders put into it, so you can add stuff that is just plain folders, like on It should be possible to add a comment @@ -43,7 44,7 @@ I get this wrong behavior, when trying to view the Attachments tab after creating a *error reference* - - Appears fixed (optilude) - BUG: Owners can't mark their own content Obsolete, they should be able [email protected]@ -66,7 69,9 @@ ======= - PHC needs a Comment workflow!

If this is too much work, having the "See also" thing so we can link to other definitions is also an option.

- Add tests, test properly - XXX: Not yet tested (optilude) People need to be notified when somebody adds a comment to their item, so they can maintain and refine.

The Plone Help Center concept will not work without this, IMHO.

@@ -68,12 93,17 @@ pre-populated howto itself, so it can be translated/modified to suit the particular use case.

- XXX: Not yet tested (optilude) - The view templates for listings (howto, tutorial, faq etc - all of them) should only display *published* items, even if you have the permissions to see the others.

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We need the initial implementation in place first, though.

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