Early signs of dating violence

Hitting isn’t nice, calling someone names isn’t kind, and sharing is caring.These lessons shouldn’t end when kids leave the playground and become teenagers.

The following information is not a legal guide or an exhaustive list—rather it’s a general list of early warning signs for behaviors that are, or could become, violent.

But what about that teen who’s being bombarded with text messages from a significant other – is that just normal behavior or perhaps a sign of “textual harassment”?

February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and despite startling statistics—such as nearly 60 percent of teens know someone who has been physically, sexually, or verbally abusive in a dating relationship—the good news is that adults can play a role in encouraging healthy dating behavior.

Many times, teens who are involved in an abusive relationship will remain silent.

They will not ask for help or seek guidance until after they have already suffered for a period of time.

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Teens who were victims of abuse are also more likely to be violent and abusive themselves. Fortunately, there are certain early warning signs that can help you detect dating violence.

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