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Regardless of exchange pattern settings or any data retrieval activity that might occur within it, the cache scope simply caches the output of the flow inside it; when a message next enters the scope, the cache scope offers the cached output, or cached response.

You can configure the exchange patterns of connectors in a cache scope to operate as request-response or one-way.Mule’s default caching strategy defines how data are stored and reused, but if you want to adjust cache behavior, you can customize a global caching strategy in Mule and make it available for use by all cache scopes in your application.Mule sends a message into the cache scope and the parent flow expects an output.provide a cache for each cluster node), you need to configure your application to use a managed store that controls an in-memory store.The configuration for the managed store should be: The default caching strategy used by the cache scope uses an In Memory Object Store, and is only suitable for testing.

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