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He walks around carrying it wherever we go and just starts playing,” she laughs.

“He loves it when the guys come round to rehearse and he truly believes he’s in the band now.

And the Armstrong artistic tradition looks set to continue.

Dido’s husband of three years, Rohan Gavin, is a screenwriter and novelist, while little Stanley is already muscling in on Mum’s band rehearsals.“He’s obsessed with drumming and his keyboard.

When I wake up that will always be in the back of my mind.

But Stanley comes first, it’s that simple.” To that end, she is now focused on planning a festive family get-together.

There’s not the same patience now – people need to be doing well quicker – but then it’s amazing that you can write a song, put it up on the internet and the next day people hear it.Taking some time out to have her son Stanley, now two, helped with that, but Dido reckons she’s always led a low-key life. “Because my face wasn’t on the first or third albums, I’ve managed to keep it hidden.For a long time people thought I was a Swedish band.” And when she does get recognised, the fans, she says, are always lovely.Suddenly her music was reaching a whole new audience. I was doing pretty well in America anyway, so I thought things would be solid, but it just went stratospheric at that point.No Angel was re-released in 2001 and remains – along with her second album Life for Rent – one of the UK’s biggest sellers. My life was changed 100 per cent.”But Dido herself stayed remarkably the same. “I’ve never really struggled with fame, maybe because I’ve never gone out seeking it,” she reasons, pointing out that she’s kept all her old friends over the years, but “made lots of new ones, too.” Some of those friends are in pretty high places.

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