Eric stein still dating jessica

Agency: WME | Hannah Davis, Joanna Korshak, Lindsay Aubin, Tanya Cohen Management: Plattform | Bash Naran Presented by Patricia Arquette BREAKING NEWS IN YUBA COUNTY by Amanda Idoko After catching her husband in bed with a hooker, which causes him to die of a heart attack, Sue Bottom burying the body and takes advantage of the local celebrity status that comes from having a missing husband.

Agency: WME | Andrew Mathes, Lindsay Dunn, Meyash Prabhu, Nick Hoagland Presented by Lean Waithe SLEEP WELL TONIGHT by Freddie Skov Behind the walls of a maximum security prison, a naive teenage inmate and a rookie correctional officer are forced into a drug smuggling operation while a looming conflict between rival gang members threatens to boil over.

Agency: CAA | Matt Martin, Rob Herting Management: Madhouse Entertainment | Adam Kolbrenner, Kendrick Tan Presented by Will Packer THE GREAT NOTHING by Cesar Vitale A grieving 13-year-old girl hires a terminally-ill, acerbic philosophy professor to prevent flunking the seventh grade.

What begins as a homework assignment blossoms into an unlikely friendship and a new appreciation for life that neither will forget.

Agency: WME | Holly Jeter, Tanya Cohen Management: Bellevue Productions | Jeff Portnoy Presented by Sophie Turner RUTHLESS by John Swetnam After she is diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, a former assassin must carry out one last assignment in order to ensure her daughter’s future.

Agency: Verve | David Boxerbaum Management: Industry Entertainment | Michael Botti Presented by Kelly Marie Tran JELLYFISH SUMMER by Sarah Jane Inwards The story of what happens when a young black girl’s family in 1960’s Mississippi decides to harbor two human-looking refugees who have mysteriously fallen from the sky.

The Black List was compiled from the suggestions of over 275 film executives, each of whom contributed the names of up to ten of his or her favorite scripts that were written in, or are somehow uniquely associated with, 2017 and will not have begun principal photography during this calendar year. The Black List 2017: RUIN by Matthew Firpo and Ryan Firpo A nameless ex-Nazi captain must navigate the ruins of post-WWII Germany to atone for his crimes during the war by hunting down and killing the surviving members of his former SS death squad.

Agency: Verve | Adam Weinstein, Parker Davis Management: Madhouse Entertainment | Adam Kolbrenner Presented by Bradley Whitford V. Agency: CAA | Rowena Arguelles, Sue Carls Management: Grandview | Jeff Silver, Zac Frognowski Presented by Leslie Odom Jr.

There are real people out there with aptronyms (apt names), but I think this set of names are just made up to fit the theme.

(And the spellings are a little arbitrary—PAINE could be Payne; GREENE, Green; DALEY, Daly; MOORE, Mohr.) My favorite aptronym is the late, great Claude Organ, renowned surgeon.

Agency: WME | Jordan Cerf, Phil Raskind, Ryan Feldman Management: Heroes and Villains Entertainment | Benjamin Blake Presented by Senator Wendy Davis.

DADDIO by Christy Hall A passenger and her cab driver reminisce about their relationships on the way from the airport to her New York apartment.

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