Error updating local id file

Notes: Domain = Domino Directory - collection of servers and users that share a common Domino Directory The public key can be pulled via the ID properties using either the regular Lotus Notes client or the Admin client.Lotus Domino is an IBM server product that provides enterprise-grade e-mail, collaboration capabilities, and a custom application platform.Have you tried deleting the local ID file and replacing it with a fresh copy of the ID file from the Master address book? Ta Kerrin I actually found out that its a known bug in Notes client 5.0.4 and by upgrading to 5.0.4a the problem is fixed.This might stop the problem from happening again... Also I upgraded another machine BEFORE I did mine and it fixed my ID file for me. but I recommend upgrading to 5.0.4a so fix it properly. It also has a built-in database system in the format of NSF.Symptom: When attempting to start the Notes Client, the following error is displayed: "Error Updating Local ID File - Either ID file is Read Only or Write Protected" Resolution: Right click the ID file and select Properties.

Get the user to send their public key to you by going to File Mail, Copy certificate ... You might also try the "Rename..." command from Domino Admin. I have used that one successfully for a user who got married and needed her name changed in e-mail and in all databases.

This can happen from one of these scenarios below: 1. The user was recertified/renamed/moved in the organization hierarchy, but accidentally using the "Local" (workstation) server's Domino Directory.

If there was a copy of the person doc in someone's Personal Address Book, it would succeed.

Their database design is stil based on the R5 template, but I don't imagine that this would be the problem. Just as an aside, when I go to find the user's database, I cannot see it in the list of databases in the directory it should be. I provided the correct answer for slugerama to resolve the problem.

Browsing for it though, it shows that it is in fact in the folder it should be in. Slugerama, my apologies for off-topic one-line humour that resulted in the answer you need being removed. First, you can take a look at the ID file in the Domino Directory that should be attached to the entry for the user.

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