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In police TV shows, cops will routinely threaten suspects with jail, and the "big horny men" inside.

At the end, when the criminal is arrested, the cops will make a point to tell him that he will spend the next xx years of his life as a buttboy for the burly rapists who fill the prison.

With this postulate in place, men aren't supposed to be victims, especially not of anything sex-related since a "real man" is always the one putting their penis into other people.

Thus, the victim of male-on-male rape has been humiliated and defeated in the worst way possible as well as robbed of his masculinity, while the perpetrator will strangely be considered as exceptionally virile for having been able to sexually dominate a man.

"It lets the buyer try out a selection of different makes and models within their range in a controlled, no-pressure environment," says company founder Sandy Muir.

He's got a point; just like speed dating it's new, quick, exciting - and it could lead to a lasting relationship. Driving Seat offers around 20 minutes in each car and personally I'd want a lot longer.

It will undoubtedly suit those for whom time is money and who fancy a thrash around a circuit - at a price.

But it may have to evolve a little before it goes the full mile for some.

Experts from Race Marketing Associates - who regularly organise track days - oversee the event and sit alongside drivers to make sure they don't try anything too heroic around the bendy bits.

Once buyers decide which model to choose they negotiate a price with the franchised dealer that provided the car and arrange a delivery date.

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