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When Peter goes to Chris' soccer game, he inadvertently punches a pregnant woman he thought was a man.Restless under house arrest, Peter turns the basement into a bar and Lois ends up stealing the show.For just a simple view with no images go to the List View Against strict orders from Lois, Peter drinks profusely at his buddy's bachelor party.

Destiny Ep 053 - Free Enterprise Ep 054 - Gymkata Ep 055 - Rocky IV Ep 056 - The Philadelphia Experiment II Ep 057 - The Glass House Ep 058 - Undercover Blues Ep 059 - The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking Ep 060 - The Skulls Ep 061 - Men in Black II Ep 062 - Cocoon Ep 063 - Jaws: The Revenge Ep 064 - The Next Karate Kid Ep 065 - Nine Months Ep 066 - Inspector Gadget Ep 067 - Spawn Ep 068 - Reign of Fire Ep 069 - Twister Ep 070 - Kill Crazy Ep 071 - Mo' Money Ep 072 - Dracula 2000 Ep 073 - Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever Ep 074 - Invisible Child Ep 075 - Perfect Stranger Ep 076 - Never Too Young to Die Ep 077 - Heart Condition Ep 078 - Silver Bullet Ep 079 - Ghost in the Machine Ep 080 - Friday the 13th - Part V: A New Beginning Ep 081 - Bordello of Blood Ep 082 - Bless the Child Ep 083 - K-911 Ep 084 - Die Another Day Ep 085 - Madhouse Ep 086 - Star Trek: Insurrection Ep 087 - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Ep 088 - Eight Crazy Nights Ep 089 - The Rapture Ep 090 - One Magic Christmas Ep 091 - Step Up Revolution Ep 092 - The Raven Ep 093 - Alex Cross Ep 094 - Tooth Fairy 2 Ep 095 - This Means War Ep 096 - On Deadly Ground (Live! Ep 118 - The Running Man Ep 119 - Volcano Ep 120 - She's All That Ep 121 - Grown Ups 2 Ep 122 - Only the Strong Ep 123 - Cliffhanger (Live! C.) Ep 239 - The Shadow Ep 240 - A Letter from Death Row Ep 241 - Nightmare Beach Ep 242 - Antitrust Ep 243 - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ep 244 - Dungeons & Dragons Ep 245 - My Best Friend's Wedding Ep 246 - The Wizard Ep 247 - Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector Ep 248 - Waterworld (Live in D.Super Show #35 Christmas Comes to Pac Land #35 Dragon Ball Z #36 David the Gnome #37 Pokemon #2 #38 Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm #39 Highlander: The Animated Series #40 Transformers #41 Spider-Man #42 Street Sharks #43 Duck Tales 2 #44 Count Duckula #45 Bruno the Kid #46 Archie's Weird Mysteries #47 Bobby's World #48 Challenge of the Superfriends #49 Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins #50 Iron Man #1 The Cage / Encounter at Farpoint #2 The Man Trap / The Naked Now #3 Charlie X / Code of Honor #4 Where No Man Has Gone Before / The Last Outpost #5 The Naked Time / Where No One Has Gone Before #6 The Enemy Within / Lonely Among Us #7 Civil Defense / Threshold (Request Month: DS9 & Voyager) #8 Mudd's Women / Justice #9 What Are Little Girls Made Of?/ The Battle #10 Miri / Hide and Q #11 Dagger of the Mind / Haven #12 The Corbomite Maneuver / The Big Goodbye #13 The Menagerie / Datalore #14 The Conscience of the King / Angel One #15 Balance of Terror / 11001001 #16 Shore Leave / Too Short a Season #17 The Galileo Seven / When the Bough Breaks #18 The Squire of Gothos / Home Soil #19 First Contact / Let He Who is Without Sin...in Austin, TX Ep 346 - I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer Ep 347 - Tarzan the Ape Man Ep 348 - I Know Who Killed Me Ep 349 - Shrek Ep 350 - Wild Hogs Ep 351 - Jungle 2 Jungle Ep 352 - Lost in Space Chicken N Chud Bad Boyfriends & Belushi Cults Chuck E. ) Taking Mom to the Movies, Lying About Hating "Collateral Beauty," and Falling Asleep on Toilets Watching "8MM" in School, Almost Giving Birth While Listening to WHM, and "Christmas Film or Action Film?Cheese, Vasectomies & Divorce Nude-alities, Elderly Flashers & Hell Mouths John Lithgow, Jorts & JCVD Ninja Scroll, Angry Audiences & Our Favorite Films Hamsters, Hobbits & Horrible Parents Bad Dads, Bad Dates & Bad Movie High Pay Channel Porn, Private Ryan & A Perverted History Teacher Embarrassed Dogs, Embarrassing Teachers & Awkward Projection Tales Forgotten Films, Lame Roller Coasters & An Encounter with Gene Shalit Awkward Dates, Brave Moms & Horrendous Theater Behavior Bad Films to See Before You Die, Pat Hingle & Theater Creeps Special Summer Camp Edition Bad Jobs, Crying at Movies & Our Favorite Simpsons Moments Weird NYC Tales, Library Creeps & Terrifying Advertising Puke, Podcast Bonding & Porno Tape Mix-ups Theater Tag Alongs, Embarrassing Movie Moments & Crucified Muppets Unruly Audiences, Projection Mishaps & Straight Up Messing Yourself Valentine Tales, Larry the Cable Guy Fans & Summer Camp Hook-ups Horrible Hook-up Movies, Bee Movie Podcasts & How to Ruin The Godfather Peein' at the Arcade, Dirty Diapers in the Theater & One Ticked Off Bv S Superfan DJ DEA Agents, Listening to WHM in Class, and Things Not to Do with Italian Dressing Bad Movie Taste, Elderly Theater Patrons, and too Much Long John Silver's Kids' Birthdays, R-rated Movie Sneaks, and Late-in-Life Masturbation Discoveries Theater Walk-Outs, Haneke High School, and Movie Theater Parking Lot Sex WHM Origins, Break-up Recovery Films, and Ruining Blade II Hurricane Late Fees, Parking Lot Hitchhikers, and Movie Theater Perverts Screaming Substitute Teachers, Dying at the Movies, "Pump Up The Volume" Potentially Lethal Duck Movies, Cinematic Conspiracy Theories, Amy Adams is Nice Families with Bad Taste, Irrational Fears of Yoda, Dudes Love "Grown Ups 2" Steven from Charlotte, Passing Up Sex for Movies, Agitated Fathers, Greening Out Dying at the Movies, Public Freakouts, Cheeseburgers Down Your Pants, and Crotchety Dads Broken Remotes, Soviet Cinema(s), Gross Rags, and Creepy Dude Teachers Dating Transformers Fanatics, Bad Hangover Films, and Ruining Your Parents' Social Status by Listening to WHM Alt-Right Blind Dates, Grade School Toy Theft, and Puking at the Movie L. " Taking Mom to the Movies, Lying About Hating "Collateral Beauty," and Falling Asleep on Toilets Film Critic Run-Ins, Sleepover Film Selections, and Disastrous Midnight Movie Experiences Movie Theater Bathroom Breaks, After Prom at the Movies, and Dads Ruining Movie Dates Backfiring Prank Calls, Watching "The Jerky Boys" On 9/11, and After-Hours Movie Theater Sexcapades Spider-Man: Homecoming The Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise 2017 Superhero Round-Up: Thor Ragnarok & Justice League Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi Black Panther The 90th Academy Awards Avengers: Infinity War #12 The Simpsons Guy#13 Captain N: The Game Master#14 Captain Planet and the Planeteers#15 Denver the Last Dinosaur#16 Pro Stars#17 Pokemon#18 Duck Tales#19 Speed Racer#20 G. Joe Part II#21 Beetlejuice#22 James Bond Jr.#23 Rudolph's Shiny New Year#24 Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!

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