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This is likely because their method of determining age is objective.

Microsoft Data Scientist James Andrew Marquardt explains that how-old.net’s algorithm was developed by “acquiring a large number of portraits where the age/gender of the subject is known,” and then identifying the face as the area of the photo to evaluate.

It employs aesthetic principles like the neoclassical Rule of Fifths and Rule of Thirds to determine beauty, then ranks you on a facial attractiveness scale of 0-10.

A fun twist is that it generates a perfected version of your face as well." data-reactid="103"Microsoft’s truly unbiased guess at my age made me wonder how my face would measure up on an objective attractiveness scale.

I turned to pinkmirror.com, a site that rates facial beauty based on the geometric proportions of facial features.

“Please note that the face score system with Pink Mirror has limitations and is not final,” the site reads.

The algorithm was formed based on Blinq’s users’ preferences.

The company put 100,000 photos, including celebrities, into their app and used the 20 million responses (“hi” or “bye”) to determine the features their users found most attractive.

The perfect skin helped me climb the ladder of attractiveness, and get a year closer to my true age, but when “godlike” is an option, I still wasn’t satisfied with “nice”." data-reactid="65"I gave it another go with a selfie I took when I tried out the new Microsoft Selfie app.

Since Microsoft put my face through the wringer, my skin and the lighting should be perfect.

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