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I felt this was the best way to bring the shop to life, show you the inner workings and some of the toys we get to play with, display some of the hard hit collision repairs that are being performed by our certified and experienced craftsman, as well as the minor repair work, show-off some of the incredible paintwork that our painters turn out on a daily basis, give a few of the employees some exposure that they so deserve but in most cases are overlooked in the grand scheme of day to day operations.

Here at CLAB we would like to make the repairs as easy on your bank account as we possibly can.

Try to change your outlook and think of positive possibilities of dating.

And the particular site, I usually take charge for each message sent to potential dates - so after a few months he was a little disheartening to have had very little success provided financial charges.

This includes everything from oil changes to wheel alignments.

To successfully provide this service we have placed a focus on equipment.

Richard Gardella One of the main reasons that County Line has begun to offer mechanical services is due to the demand requests from their current customers.

They usually decrease in magnitude and frequency with time.During the month of September, County Line was featured in a leading collision industry magazine, Fender Bender.The write up from Britt Johnson left us all very impressed.You also need to treat guys like they’re interviewing.Would you hire this guy to work for a company if you owned it? It might seem extreme but it works and it’s time to buckle up and get serious!

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