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Her friend's mom, Tori, brought her to the ER, where Penny stitched up her head.After she was discharged, she and Callie agreed that only ice cream could make her head better and they invited Penny to come along.The place is right near the park and Sofia loved her new school.("I Ain't No Miracle Worker") However, several months later, she sent Arizona a text saying that she wanted to move back to Seattle.Instead of making her go to school, Arizona took Sofia to work with her, where Sofia met Noah Brosniak, the son of a patient, and the two played together while Arizona examined Noah's mom.

("Mama Tried") Despite this ruling, Arizona agreed to new terms after Sofia kept asking her why Callie was so sad.She suggested that she take the next day off and take Sofia to find an adventure.("Caught Somewhere in Time") After this incident, Sofia continued to refuse to go to school.("Ain't That a Kick in the Head") When she moved back to Seattle, Sofia told Arizona that she wanted her room to be green, but Arizona couldn't decide which shade, so she told Sofia she could decide herself and they'd paint it together.She also surprised Sofia with three different flavors of ice cream.

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("This is How We Do It") Sofia was delivered by C-section during Callie's second surgery following the crash.

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