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I also believe in love someone and marry that person. Early relationships I believe is one of the reasons for break-ups due to lesser maturity and understanding.

Its better to put it off till we're actually ready for it instead of doing it because everybody has a girl/boy friend.

And it did happen because my first bf in college or shall we say for my lifetime became my husband now.I guess we do think alike in terms of having a girlfriend at a younger age. I think there is no need for a relationship early in life.Its better to start looking for a partner after you get a job.But to those who are still in their schoolings I hope they will not engage in such thigs so early because there are many complications in having a relationship, sometimes you become happy and have misunderstandings. So in a way you are being disturbed with this relationship and your education will be affected. beside's the study, uni(or College to you guy's) meant s e x, s e x & more s e x.When I'm in high school it's just part of a peer tradition (your not cool if you don't have one) but when I grow us specially in college i have a different view. it is a time for people to get out from under the parents & experiment with it. just remember to protect yourself if its not on than its not on...........

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