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Each commit of changes is a new revision (state of the storage at a particular time).During parallel work of multiple users with data through the storage, you need to periodically receive changes made by other users.The logs help you to easily analyze the history of changes in your projects.To view the change log of a file/folder, select " Show Storage Log".

If you don’t see Dropbox in either of these locations, then Dropbox is not installed. If Dropbox is installed and running, you’ll see the icon in the system tray or menu bar, and this icon will be black or show syncing status. Sometimes restarting your computer will reset your internet connection and allow Dropbox to sync properly. Sometimes quitting and relaunching the Dropbox app will restart sync.When you commit changes made to the MQL5 directory, its revision number is increased, while the revision number of projects does not change (unless the projects use shared files from the MQL5 directory).Each transaction of changes is recorded in the storage journal, and later the user can view when, by whom and what files were changed.Command " Update to Revision" allows you to gradually update the local copy of data from the repository.At any time you can return to one of the previous states of a file or folder.

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