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Funds must be received within 30 days to complete the application process, incomplete applications will be declined.Approved applicants will not be allowed to make transactions using the security deposit account.The only real restriction is that the expiry date needs to be sometime in the future – even if only a few days. I know what a pain in the [tush] it’s gotta be to wade through all the slime at the shallow end of the gene-pool. Re: Feature request: I would like to generate numbers starting at a particular point, and get the (for example), next 50 or hundred valid numbers starting at that point that I can export to a text file.(what I really want is a number generator, I could code it myself but just dont’ have the bandwidth.) This way I can generate “blocks” of numbers, and assign them to particular testers – and when I go look on the test site, I can tell which tester did what, based on the number used. Any correspondence from this site would be from an e-mail address @Anyone writing to you from a different address is NOT connected to this site, so be careful.

We will begin charging interest on Cash Advances on the transaction date.

If the New Balance is less than , the Minimum Payment will be the total amount owed. Subject to applicable law, the Cardholder Agreement also permits Merrick Bank to make changes to the Terms and Conditions of the Account after the Account is opened.

The information about the costs of the card described in this solicitation is accurate as of . To find out what may have changed, and to get the most current rates, please write to us at Merrick Bank, P. : A married applicant may apply for a separate account.

Just wondering if you have picked numbers from a range than is not used by the cc companies and thus guaranteed to be invalid or if you’re just assuming that the chances of a random credit card number and a random expiry date matching up are as slim as to be virtually nil.

I’m doing something similar (generating a load of cc Luhn numbers) to test an ecommerce site and don’t want to accidentally have somebody billed.

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