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YOU LEFT YOUR NAKED PICS ON MY COMPUTER AND I SPENT 2 WEEKS TRACKING YOU DOWN... I suggested she wear something she can push out of the way but put on quickly, like her everpresent sweatshirt with no bra, and sweatpants with no panties. My lips quickly swallowed that tit and sucked it greedily into my mouth, lathering it with my saliva. After a few seconds of licking her breast, we kind of mutually sat up right at the same time, and her hand shot to the waistband of my shorts. (Wouldn't have been a first.) Now, I was concerned that my kids -- who sometimes get up randomly in the evening -- might come down and interrupt or, worse, catch us. I'm only talking to the guys here) that you can't wait to get off, but you don't dare touch? As I figured she'd do, she too reached out and removed my glasses. I took a breath to say something profound, but fortunately, she opened her mouth first. "Ohhh," she softly moaned when my tongue hit her nipple and circled around it with a wet lick. It was perfect and smooth and tasty, and this dirty old man lapped at it in broad hungry circles.I couldnt believe I was staring at a picture on my computer of my 18 year old babysitter's naked pussy. It was the second of the fifteen pictures that I'd opened. Working out of the house helps, but Candice has been making good money playing pseudo-mom for an hour or two each day, or for a few hours when I have to go out too. But she's never once hit on me; never wore anything tight; this is kinda a big step, going from baggy sweats to nudity. I pulled up Candice's secret stash of emails from her onlnie lovers, and there were about 15 messages. (Months ago I'd given her unfettered access to it -- probably, in hindsight, a FUCKING BRILLIANT thing to do.) Just carried on, taking care of my 7 year old boy and 4 year old girl. (DUH -- think about it.) It was a Thursday night, about pm, kids asleep upstairs and wifey out of town (again). She was in a general lounge room, not saying anything in the general chat. FLOWERSWEET: YEAH I AM 1HUNGGUY: I LOVE THAT YOU'RE 18, THATS THE PERFECT AGE FOR A FEMALE, I BET YOU LOOK INCREDIBLE SEXY FLOWERSWEET: HERE'S MY PIC And I about had a heart attack. AND IT LOOKS LIKE SOME GUY HAD A GOOD TIME WITH YOU IN A MOTEL ROOM, AM I RIGHT?

I saw her light up and her tongue licked her lips, and I knew she wanted my 8 thick inches of manhood.

Fuck, I'd spent 45 minutes bolted to the soft sofa and my ass was aching. I tried to remain calm, but little peckerhead wanted to move at lightspeed.

First of all, you need to know this is community it's built by tranny loves for tranny lovers. We know you want to keep in touch with your favorite TS users all the time.

JPGs in a folder marked "PICTURES," which of course I hadn't put there myself, I raced to open the picture named PUSSY. My wife first used her about five years ago, and in the last year since Jeanine has been saying late at the office for presentations and doing overnight trips to Corporate headquarters, I've had to fend for the kids myself most of the time. He looks late-30's, decent looking guy, about 6 or 6.5 inch cock. I have a bigger cock than this jerk, and she clearly does married men. But I also guessed she'd be there after school or late at night, so for about four days I was on it nonstop. In the meantime, I'd seen her two, maybe three times. She hadn't said a word, nor made any indication that she needed to use the computer. But you know how they say, you always find what you're looking for in the last place you look? I actually didn't lie in response.] 1HUNGGUY: I'M JACK 1HUNGGUY: ARE YOU ATTRACTED TO MEN IN THEIR LATE 30S AND 40S BABY? She had only one finger almost (not quite) meeting her thumb around the very base of the cock, right above my balls, while her lips stretched around the shaft worked their way lower, lower, lower, closer to her finger and thumb each time.

I closed the photo and hit "OPEN," and looked at the other names of the pics in the folder. I swear, until I saw that first nude photo of her, I had no idea she had such above-average proportions -- looks like 34b or 36c chest over maybe a 26 or 28 inch waist and 36 or 38 inch hips. JPG, I got to tell yes indeed, it was a nice round butt.) But her, um, prudishness is perfect. Just for kicks, I opened a previous email of his, and it had his cock pic. And, yes, right there on the spot, I wanted to fuck Candice myself. I know her well; she didn't just meet me on the 'net. Throughout our late dinner and as we lay in bed (of course NOT having sex), my mind was racing. Unfortunately, I realized, she'd probably be on it alot when she was babysitting -- meaning, when I wasn't home. 1HUNGGUY: SERIOUSLY TELL ME HONESTLY, IF YOU KNEW A GUY WHO HAD A BODY AND COCK LIKE MINE, WOULD YOU WANT TO FUCK HIM? Her eyes were almost closed, more like she was wincing, and she seemed determined to get all of my penis into her mouth eventually.

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I WANT TO FUCK YOU SO BAD FLOWERSWEET: NOPE And now I gulped. My response was to suggest she call me right away; and I barely had time to even LOOK at the phone before it rang. I told her right out that this was weird for me, but I was so hard for her, and the Mrs. We agreed the lie she'd tell her mom was I was going to help her with her math homework. I silently reached out and took her eyeglasses off of her face, placing them on a table behind the sofa. Her back arched, inviting me, and as I lowered my face her hand cupped the back of my head.

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