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I thought the reviews might be disgruntled people or w-e. They will not refund, many of the matches are canned same profile with a different picture. I AGREE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME , ENERGY OR DREAMS ON THIS SITE. One guy was on a horse and you see the horse but he was cut off at the waist so you can't see his face. I see they have started up their ads again and these "couples" that met on e Harmony tell you they are not actors, they are real people that met on the site.

If a request to close an account with pending payments is made outside of our cancellation period, we do require that complete all remaining payments prior to closing. You would also think that I would have been prompted to take a new assessment. The woman I spoke to said "oh, I see what needs to be done. She told me that within the next 24 hrs I would start to get matches. You can't undo it because you (the cardholder whose name and payment information is on the account) are not the Account Holder.Please reach out to us at [email protected] the email address associated with your account. I'm very sorry to hear you're not having a great experience with eharmony.I created my account with this so called dating site and haven't gotten any actual respond from again so called "matches" during a month. After I reported my claim, they stupidly arranged couple sms on my cell, where robot sent me some stupid messages. I have some definitions for this "resource", but have to keep them out of here in order my feedback not to be cancelled.... I'd really like a chance to try and help improve things.So I have been waiting for my subscription to expire so I can close my account. Good news, they have extended my subscription for 3 months at no cost to me! Since my last review I have received one e-mail from a guy that I never reached out to, telling me he is now seeing someone. Another guy asked to see more photos of me, probably wants to see me in a bikini or lingerie. They know no one will believe these are real couples.I should have read recent reviews before signing up.

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