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As the old adage goes, first comes love and then comes marriage, but for some of these famous celebrities, love and marriage came really early on in their lives.Afterward, for many of these celebs, divorce papers followed the short-lived nuptials, but fortunately for some, a select few on this list surpassed all the statistics and are still making their marriages work today.

The young couple got together while Freddie was still married to another woman.The young couple had their first son, Daniel Julez J. Milla was only 16 years old when these star-crossed lovers decided to get hitched.The actress’s mother got the marriage annulled two months later. There was no way we could forget to include one of our favorite couples, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey.He was a British actor named Jonny Lee Miller, and he stole her heart.She was twenty-one years old when they eventually wed after filming.

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