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But notice that this beneficial outcome relies on the foundation of fingers being developed, and hands, and limbs.Had neither of these things evolved, there would have been no "canvas" for evolution to paint on.Evolution can only work with what it has, it can't "create" a new canvas from scratch.With that said, we can begin to see why keeping "bad" genes in our gene pool may not be such a bad idea.A favorite quote:"...based on Darwin's principle of natural selection.The idea is that in any population of self-reproducing organisms, there will be variations in the genetic material and upbringing that different individuals have.It has certainly been true in the past that what we call intelligence and scientific discovery has conveyed a survival advantage.It is not so clear that this is still the case: our scientific discoveries may well destroy us all..."~Stephen W.

It's been said/written before (perhaps as a result of the Human Genome Project) that most human malaise is not caused by bad genes, but by environmental agents, germs, and lastly - hereditary factors.From what I've read online, in areas where malaria is endemic, people with the sickle cell trait but not full blown sickle cell anaemia, that is people who inherited the sickle cell gene from one parent but not both, have a good chance of living to old age.People who inherited the sickle cell gene from both parents develop sickle cell anaemia and die young.The second as you say, is that genes are constantly mutating and even if one heritable disease or flaw was removed from the human genome by genetic manipulation, new diseases would arise in time due to the very nature of human sexual reproduction (which involves a lot of shuffling of genes and gene mutations).The best we can do is try to manage our genetic inheritances so the beneficial genes or mutations are maximised for each generation, while negative mutations are minimised or eliminated as far as possible.

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People who didn't inherit the sickle cell gene from either parent, and don't have the sickle cell trait at all, develop malaria and die young.

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