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We want to work with you to see that there are no homeless GSP’s.THE GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER: The GSP was developed in the last century in Germany as an all-around hunting dog and companion.SIZE: Females range from as small as 35 lbs to as large as 70 lbs depending on height and condition. This is to prevent injury if the dog hunts or runs in underbrush. DEW CLAWS: The claw above the foot on the inside of the front legs (and if present on back legs) is removed at the same time the tail is docked.This prevents the “dewclaw” from becoming torn if the dog is moving through brush and rough terrain.CONSIDERATIONS: GSP’s in sheltered situations should not be adopted strictly for hunting use, but should be placed as a family pet, and its capability to hunt is not of importance.Obedience training is strongly recommended at any age.

We would like to emphasize that we are not a dumping ground for unwanted pets or animals returned to breeders – breeders must be responsible for their own litters. We only foster GSP’s which may not fare well in animal shelters or are endangered, and which we believe have the potential to become a good family pet, and possible hunting companion.

THE GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER CLUB OF OREGON RESCUE GROUP is comprised of volunteers who work to rescue GSP’s that have been lost, placed in shelters, or are in danger of euthanization.

When possible we assist GSP owners who wish to avoid placing their GSP in a shelter.

Our rules for placement are similar to most shelters: The GSP must have all of its shots and, if intact, must be spayed/neutered within 30 days.

We usually have the adoptive family handle this (proof is required).

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