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Note that none of these should be considered a replacement for GIT, but rather complimentary fragrances that possess a compatibly similar profile and are worthy of ownership in their own right.

Curiously, Raw Chemistry Pheromone for Men is also very compatible, having its own soft green/citrus profile, and being on the oily side can serve to extend GIT (or others) well beyond its normal duration. To me it is very outdated and would fit someone at least over the age of 30.

There is just a sort of higher level smoothness to it, that is special and the reason it's still one of the world's very best fragrances after all this time, and why I give the edge to it over Tres Nuit.

I don't personally pick up the ambergris, but I'd guess it's there simply as an anchor to prevent the instant annihilation of this masterpiece into thin air.

عوضاً على ذلك انا ارى ان دافيدوف كوول ووتر اجمل منك بمراحل .. لن اضيع نقودي عندكم و انا اعلم ان حولي الكثير من الجميل لانفق مالي عليه .. Not had any comments about it like I've had with other fragrances, but I don't personally think of it as an attractive smell in the first place, it's just nice and fresh. Within the next 15-30 mins is when GIT starts to separate itself from all the copycats.

This is a great spring day scent in my opinion, but obviously it is suited to more than that, as with all scents I chose my depending on if it's appropriate for the occasion Received my sample yesterday in the mail. I have never smelled creed on my skin but I do own Tres Nuit for two years now. Its very green, but has some floral undertones that mix Very well with each other.

So, in my humble opinion, yes they share some DNA, but GIT is thousands of times more refined and well put together. Tres nuit on the other end is really close to GIT and I get better performance with it. A must have in my opinion So after hearing so much hype on GIT, I tried it on skin for the first time yesterday. I just have to say that people have been praising Creed so much, even though none of their fragrances feel special.

So I'm not hating on the cheapies, I just disagree with GIT being a niche version of Cool Water. Some don't last on the skin, others smell like an older gentleman (or a combination of the two, I'm looking at you Millesime Imperial). I have just been given a bottle of Maverick Aftershave that was gifted to my late grandfather in the 1970s or 80s by his son, my uncle, who lived and travelled abroad a lot. And I swear, it smells identical to Green Irish Tweed. It’s a beautiful ‘aftershave’ that lingers all day long.

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