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(When it rains, it pours) I believe that it has the original knobs: Bay ..=STRK: MEWAX: IT Fore more detailed info and history on the instrument, you might want to shoot an email to Ed Ball.

TIA, g2 Hi, I'm assuming that this is the one that you are referring to: Bay ..=STRK: MEWAX: IT Nice score. At the time, Gretsch also produced a Banjo Ukulele (which I own) tenor ukulele and a Tenor Guitar The Gretsch Baritone Ukulele didn't show up until the fifties and was a Gretsch branded instrument not a Gretsch American. Gretsch never produced an instrument with wooden tuning knobs.

In any event, he's a great guy and LOVES to talk about anything Gretsch.

He is at [email protected] might be able to provide more information on your specific ukulele.

Notable artists include Eric Clapton, John Lennon and the Rolling Stones.

Strike a chord with a Gretsch guitar in our wide selection online, or visit one of our stores.

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