Gridview updating event in asp net

Handle the ASPx Grid View Row Inserting/Row Updating/Row Deleting events if you want to submit a batch of modifications individually via a corresponding CRUD procedure. Batch Update event if you want to submit a batch of modifications at once via a corresponding Batch Update procedure.Note that this example uses a custom local data source stored in Session.In this article, I am going to explain how to manipulate data using Grid View control.

In the same way you can put any kind of Validation controls inside Edit Item Template to validate the form element while user will click Update link.

In this method, I am specifying the Edit Index property of the Grid View to -1.

As there is no row at -1 position so Grid View will be shown in normal mode.

Please note that when you will not bind the data again, Grid View will not change in edit mode.

When Cancel link is clicked on Grid View in edit mode, On Row Canceling Edit event will fire that will call Cancel Record method.

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