Handbrake presets not updating

This page is only kept for historical reasons, or in case someone wants to try updating it. Add ":b-pyramid=none:weightp=0" to the String you see in the bottom or uncheck "Weighted P-frames" and set "Pyramidal B-Frames" to off. You should be able to leave your picture size at whatever Handbrake selects for the source. If your source (checked in preview window) is interlaced (appears to have mismatched horizontal lines through the picture) then select Decomb (not Deinterlace) and medium or strong. You can also select Denoise or Deblock also for older or lower quality source material. I'd also like to give big kudos to the Handbrake developers who have given me so much assistance learning about encoding and finding the right settings for this preset.

This should still work on Handbrake for Windows or Linux but you may have to input the setting manually and save it.

It uses the x264 codec so bitrate and advanced options have to be set specifically to allow it to run on old hardware. You can try it with MP3 or AAC audio, but no guarantees as this will require CPU for decoding. Some users have been unable to load the supplied preset on Windows. You can rip straight from DVD using Handbrake, or load DVD images you have ripped previously with your ripper of choice. Make sure you have either xbox-x264 or xbox-x264-LQ preset selected. Tools: VLC - Site or direct download for 64 Bit Mac Build 1.0.2 here Handbrake - Site Extras: Handbrake Presets: High Quality Low Quality (This is just a lower constant quality with MP3 audio) Or manually input this string and settings into the 'Advanced Settings' box: ref=2:me=hex:bframes=3:8x8dct=0:subq=9:vbv-maxrate=2200:vbv-bufsize=2200:weightb=0:analyse=none:no-dct-decimate=1:cabac=0:b-pyramid=none:weightp=0 Info: For this encoding process I have prioritised video quality over file size. On the Mac I would recommend running the 64 bit VLC build. Download the Handbrake Presets and import them into Handbrake. - The 1080p and 720p .h264 level has been changed from 4.1 to 4.0.This will allow for better playback compatibility for i Pad's and Android tablets.

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