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And the idea that whatever it was had leapfrogged three full levels of control and command? "I'm either winning the lottery, or I'm in it so deep I'll need goddamn scuba gear," she muttered as she yanked on a shirt and grabbed a suit coat. But then the hidden door unlocked, the wall slid back and aside, and she dashed in, sliding into her seat and slamming her hand down on the scanning pad that would verify her access to the system. Or that those which might be your allies or enemies would be either to me." He leaned forward in his thronelike chair. Far more careful than you have been, more than you imagine. " "I mean that your OSC itself can be a terrible factor in your own world's destruction. Perhaps, even, it is good, in some ways, though your judgments of good and evil would rather differ from mine." He smiled again briefly, a true if cynical expression. I care a great deal about this world, for reasons you do not yet comprehend—and I have at the moment no need to reveal them to you. not unique in the world, but possibly so in the OSC. We're dealing with a Class Ten threat." The head came up, and he looked down at her as though she were a child. Let us dispense with the voodoo comfort of your 'metawave' terminology, your belief that since you have found a way to measure it, and to a minuscule extent contain it, you understand it. This is magic, ancient and powerful beyond your knowledge, and there is Something coming for your world. ambient field, I suppose you might say, or those—like myself—who carry our power within, at least until we can create a link to the world we have entered and draw upon what strength it has." "That's why we can contain you? You—by good procedure, no little talent, and a quite startling amount of luck—prevented me from establishing that link, and thus this," he gestured about him," can restrain me, turn my power back, prevent me from reaching beyond these walls except in the most trivial ways. Magic may flood back into your world like a destroying cataract, and even if not, the beings that are coming are already linked to a world, one whispered only in your most ancient legends and secret nightmares. I have counseled you to use wisdom and caution—and given you some quite specific warnings." He leaned slowly back in the chair. Who's this Princess Holy Aura, and where'd she come from? She knew he was quite capable of sitting exactly like that for hours.

You can restore sand to the top half of the hourglass by defeating Giant Beasts in squares marked as "Final battle!

When a Phantom hits Link with his sword, the Hourglass loses 30 seconds.

When a Wizzrobe hits Link, he loses 15 seconds, but gains 30 when he kills one.

Though fairly ordinary in appearance, the Hourglass holds quite a few plot influences; it can prevent Link from being damaged by the evil in the Temple, and it is the key to finishing the game (i.e. It collects sand from each boss Link defeats and is later forged into the handle of the Phantom Sword by Oshus.

Sand of Hours can also be found for the Hourglass on the ocean floor with the help of the Salvage Arm.

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