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How about it Gimpers, what Maleficarum dungeon Amy and Mila torture would you like to see repeated or some other inquisition torture method or device that was not done in Maleficarum. Even though there wasn't a whole lot to write home about in the end, as someone who enjoys situational GIMP, it was easily worth at least a little more than I paid for it.You can't just have another Maleficarum type bats movie and have same prebats confess torture methods, can you? Hello GIMPers: I seldom even lurk here any longer, let alone post (Ralphus gives me crap about that believe me!Long before my photo/video career I attempted my own tale of torture, "Funtime for Jody" which was featured on Alebeard's old site, 'Tales of Rape, Pillage and Torture'.Although I have found it reposted with other's claiming credit.The tone of the writing sympathized with the women being tortured and favored their viewpoint.Most web based fan fiction makes the mistake of being from the tormentor's viewpoint.I had often looked for more fiction by Dean Anderson, but never found any. To meditate at one's leisure on scenarios of humiliation and torture.

I already know what is going through the torturer's mind.

This new posted today Perilousthoughts story picture: Of has a gimp called Amy on a Sybian horse peril which as Gimpers know Amy Hesketh on a Spanish horse peril in Maleficarum released last Halloween and both Amys look alike Too. Well maybe look a little alike which bring me to my Amy question, is there a Spanish horse torture in "Dead but Dreaming" or other movies? I could be persuaded to do another scene like that, but I would have to build a slightly different-looking horse.

Maybe a nice oak stain instead of mahogany the next time? You wrote: Now, I just have to finish writing the review.

I think I posted it first on a bbs system called the 'English Palace'. The GIMP sections aren't just an aside, but are roughly 30-40% of the content of this tome. What a delightful position in which to be as a masochist and submissive.

I think that site survived and morphed into a website, though I haven't checked it in years. To be exhorted to think of yet further tortures that you might endure.

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However, I would like to see the rack retained and of course of course of course the whip and plenty of it. Perhaps a few nice smokies on a ripe, round buttock cheek would be fun, or even on a thigh perhaps???

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