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"Some technical things we've picked up for sure, but in general, all of us have had a shift in how we use the Internet in general."Schulman says the scope of how we represent ourselves has changed and grown—hugely.

There's a formula: Facebook snooping, reverse image search, Googling a phone number.It returns to the airwaves tomorrow night, and as we watch the new episodes, it's worth asking: How has the show evolved as everybody gets smarter?Surely, the digital cuckolds have become harder to fool.At the time, these methods ranged from totally obvious to fairly novel—but now, they're Internet 101.Now, the team has had to move beyond the basics."What's really interesting is not that we're using significantly different tools, it's just that they understand how the architecture of the Internet works so much better," says show producer David Metzler.

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For three years now, 's rapt audience has watched Schulman and Joseph help weekly participants navigate the murky waters of Internet love, using a sampling of techniques to play detective in order to find, contact, and expose whoever is hiding behind that Facebook profile.

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