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Among its activities, Malonyl-Co A stimulates fatty-acid synthase (FAS), the enzyme that converts carbohydrate to fat.And it inhibits the enzyme (CPT-1) that carries fat into the mitochondria where it is burned for energy.I will ask those of you who have this condition: are you less hungry? Despite the fact that in rodents (and probably in people who are normal weight) malonyl-Co A may suppress hunger, it doesn’t seem to do so in those who are overweight and insulin resistant.It may a little, but there are other forces driving hunger more than the malonyl-Co A suppresses it.

Since malonyl-Co A is one of the main substances in the body that determine what happens to fat, it would make sense that this molecule would somehow be involved in the regulation of hunger.The sugars may affect your appetite differently because of the unique ways in which they affect malonyl-Co A, an important appetite-suppressing molecule in the brain.Glucose causes malonyl-Co A to rise, resulting in less food intake.As a practical matter, dietary glucose never really impacts malonyl-Co A. So if blood sugar is higher than normal, then more malonyl-Co A is made, and more fat is stored.Which is one of the reasons type II diabetics are usually obese to some extent.

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But let’s look at something a little more sinister than just plain ol’ stupid.

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  1. Digital technology and smartphones in particular have transformed many aspects of our society, including how people seek out and establish romantic relationships.