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One in Atlantic City hatched two young and one on the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge (where there is also a camera on the nest) hatched four young late last week.

This is the time of year when NJ Fish & Wildlife biologists and CWF staff are working to deploy a motion activated, remote "spy cam" at nests to read the leg bands of the adult birds as they enter and exit the nestbox.

If you catch screenshots/photos, make sure to post to our Interaction page!

Highlights from the 2012 nesting season at 101 Hudson St.

Peregrines incubate for around 30 days, so hatch watch will begin during the first week of May.

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Once the full clutch is laid then they will begin incubation which normally lasts around 30 days.

-Ben I highlighted this in our blog post which summarized the 2017 nesting season - BD/62 was re-sighted by her band in De Korte Park in the Meadowlands in September, so we know she’s alive and well in North Jersey! We had to make changes to the local network upon restarting internet service.

We typically try to finish this monitoring before young hatch in late April/early May.

The female, 41/AX has laid a full clutch of four eggs which are being incubated!

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We're usually able to ID each bird (if they are banded) at every nest using this method, which we've helped with over the past 10 years.

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