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Newly-minted Episcopal priest Michael Spurlock (John Corbett) has been brought in to oversee things while the church is up for sale.

What is most fascinating — and unfortunately least explored by “All Saints” — is the culture and plight of some of the church’s newest congregants, a group of needy political refugees from Myanmar, formerly Burma.

Corbett: Well, I'll tell you the scene that made me cry yesterday when I saw the movie. It's when they are at Kate's sister's house after the accident and everybody is there, and Kate goes up in the closet and finds the three kids … It made me cry just to see those three kids there in the closet. You can read the script and go, "I can say this, I can say this, aw, I'm never going to say this." So you get to that day and you have to stand there when they say "action," and you have to say that line, even though you've been dreading it. The phone rings and they say we're sending you a script and we think you will like it. I've only gotten one part that I have auditioned for, and that was Since then I think I have auditioned for maybe a thousand things, and I've never gotten one thing that I've auditioned for. I've been offered a lot of things that I just wouldn't be proud to be in; it's just not the kind of movie that I want to go see.

That doesn't sum up the movie, but that was an emotional moment for me. My parents are still alive, so I have never been through that, you know. Everything I have ever done has been somebody calling up saying we want you in our project. Corbett: I turned it down three times because in my first script I was supposed to get naked and show my butt, and I said that I can't do that. " I said that I would take my shirt off but that is going to be it. I guess is about the raciest stuff I have ever done.

That is a bad habit, but I don't mind cussing in a movie.

The Catholic Church had all this pomp and circumstance that just sort of left me in a daze. I was listening to the radio the other day, and they were talking about these satellite photos that they just got from Mt. Then I looked through the papers and watched the evening news, but I never saw anything else or heard anything else about it. But when I saw the movie yesterday, I thought, You don't see any sort of age difference.But when this movie came along, I was feeling that I'm not playing another nice guy right now. When I read this script I thought, I can do something with this, I can make this guy a little different than your typical priest. The low-key faith-based film “All Saints” is thankfully devoid of miracles, melodramatic sermons and religious visions. While the script by Steve Armour is not without clichés and situation comedy moments, and some characters seem somewhat miscast, the story (based on true events) is intrinsically compelling.The film bogs down with too many montages of people working in the fields instead of focusing on character development of the refugees.Gomer wastes scenes on some sassy American types, when he should have focused on the character arcs of the Karen churchgoers, most of whom play themselves in the film.

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As directed by Steven Gomer (“Sunset Park”), the film is hampered by uneven and sometimes awkward pacing. When a sad event occurs, the violins literally kick in.

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