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The knock at the door came as a surprise as I was changing to go to the gym.The wife had gone to visit family out of state for a week and I was not expecting visitors.The company was a very large company with their own in-house medical clinic staffed by a physician and several nurses.I completed some simple paperwork and the nurse told me to go into one of the exam rooms. My name is Gina, I'm 58 yrs old, still in good shape and have been told a million times I look like a younger susan sarandon.

I can still have an orgasm as my clit is fine, I just have a very rare condition that causes my vagina to grow closed except for the first inch. My wife had contacted a guy on AFF ( D reg) a while ago, but as per the usual, things stayed in the realm of fantasy and nothing happened.

Jack told her that she went above and beyond and he very much appreciated it. She smiled and said but I have not let you see my butt yet and asked didn't he want to see it.

Of course he did so she turned and put her hands on her hips and posed for him. Years ago after we had been married maybe ten years we were still one of those couples that lived week to week and had to really watch our money.

It was a pleasant surprise to see my wife's friend, Lori at the door.

Of all my wife's friends, Lori was by far the most together and sharpest of the bunch.

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Things have since changed and we were able to have our neighbor over this weekend.

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