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Kim is beyond amusing and clearly fated to be a reality television star.Even with her growth and change throughout the years, Kim continues to entertain her fans.Kim still doesn’t name her former beau, although he’s widely reported to be real estate developer Lee Najjar, but she does reveal some new details about their romance to Andy Cohen. “He was just kind of my best friend.” While fans saw Kim lavished with pricey gifts during her relationship with Big Papa, Kim now claims that a lot of the luxuries she enjoyed during that time were paid for on her own dime.“I was a nurse at the time and I worked really hard,’ says Kim.She was a token white, blonde woman in a cast full of African American women.I had no idea how she was going to fit into the show until I finished watching the first episode.

Back in the day, Kim was at the center of every episode.

She went from living for the conflict to rising above it and quitting the show during a lunch with the ladies in the middle of taping the season.

Kim left the show at a point where it really did all it could for her.

At the beginning, it was Kim and her two daughters against the world.

When she was far along in her pregnancy with her first son and was looking forward to expanding her family even further. At some point in between her relationship with the notorious Big Papa and Kroy Bierman, Kim was in a relationship with DJ Tracy Young.

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