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He finally returned to Romania in 1992 and regained citizenship in 1997, eight years after the collapse of communism.

Successive Romanian governments have returned castles and other properties that were seized from the royal family when the communists came to power.

The Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen dynasty that ruled Romania from 1866 until Michael's reign ended in 1947 no longer enjoys special status.

The head of the royal house bestows honors and looks after the family's properties, which include castles.

Her comments came after the royal house filed a complaint to Swiss police alleging Medforth-Mills had tried to force his way in to his grandfather's home in Aubonne, Switzerland, and had 'physically and verbally aggressed' three staff members.

Medforth-Mills accused his relatives of trying to discredit him and playing 'a dirty game.''These statements gravely harm the image of what the Royal House should be, its history, its values and its dignified stance which my grandfather and his forebears tried to live by and keep,' Medforth-Mills said in a statement on Facebook.'I, Nicholas, just wanted to see my grandfather and say goodbye to him in a peaceful, respectful and Christian way.'Princess Elena said last month that Michael was refusing to see his grandson over his failure to clarify the paternity of the child, now two.

King Michael's father, Carol II, married three times and was forced to give up the succession to the throne over an affair while he was still married to Michael's mother, leaving Michael to be king when he was only 5. Medforth-Mills is King Michael's only grandson and would have been third in line for the Romanian throne if it still existed.

He's pictured above left with Princess Elizabeth Biarnex Last month, Princess Elena accused Medforth Mills disregarding 'the privacy, suffering and dignity' of King Michael, who had leukemia and skin cancer at the time.

After communism collapsed, politicians fearing Michael's influence blocked his first few attempted visits after decades of exile in Switzerland, Britain and the United States.

With King Michael's passing, the Romanian royal family´s relevance will likely fade, since his children have little public standing.

Princess Margareta, his eldest daughter, remains custodian of the crown.

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The head of the royal house looks after the family's properties and bestows honors.

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