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Macaulay was promoting the debut of his New York-based, pizza-themed, comedy rock band the Pizza Underground.

In late May 2014 Culkin stormed off stage at Nottingham’s Rock City during his kazoo solo after fans began booing and throwing pints of beer on stage.

Actor Macaulay Culkin has been photographed looking happy and healthy as it appears he’s past his rumoured ‘battle with addiction’.

With Christmas approaching, we’ll no doubt be seeing a young Macaulay’s little face getting up to all sorts on classic films The actor was spotted walking around Paris this week enjoying dinner with his girlfriend Brenda Song, his goddaughter Paris Jackson and friends Seth Green and wife Clare Grant.

But I think now they're more or less convinced that I'm doing pretty well and they don't have to worry about my career prospects any more."in May.

It proved to be a rough start for the Kunis family, who arrived in their new country with just 0 in their pocket.

But Kunis's parents, who both gave up professional careers to uproot themselves, were determined to make a better life for their children.

Whether or not he has taken drugs in the past, it’s good to see Macaulay Culkin looking happy and healthy.

“[My parents] never wanted me to become an actress because it's such an unstable and unpredictable profession.

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