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Terrifying to others, their mode of life was not always profitable.Indeed, their raiding forces suffered a number of severe reverses, culminating in a disastrous defeat at the hands of the German king Christianity, had begun to circulate.In 973 he sent an embassy to the Holy Roman emperor Otto II at Quedlinburg (Germany), and in 974 he and his family were received into the Western church.In 995 his son, Stephen (István), married Gisella, a Bavarian princess.They were then firmly established in the whole centre of the basin, over which their tribes and their associates distributed themselves.Árpád took the central area west of the Danube for his own tribe, on his way to establishing a dynasty.

They were driven, at an uncertain date and by unrecorded causes, southward onto the steppes, where they adopted the life of peripatetic herders.Prior to the conquest, the Magyars lived under a dual kingship that included a sacred ruler with minimal powers called the in 904, he united the two positions into the office of a duke or prince.The Magyars destroyed the Moravian state in 906 and in the next year occupied Pannonia, having defeated a German force sent against them.The band sent to Arnulf reported back that the plains across the Carpathian Mountains would form a suitable new homeland that could be easily conquered and defended from the rear.Having elected as their chief Árpád, the leader of their most powerful tribe, the Magyars crossed the Carpathians en masse, probably in the spring of 895, and easily subjugated the peoples of the sparsely inhabited central plain.

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