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There were about 130,000 Jews in 116 localities, including 35,000 in nineteen locales in the Grodno subdistrict.The officials responsible for the transports in the Grodno Subdistrict were Heinz Errelis, the chief of the Gestapo in the city, and his deputy, Erich Schott.Kimhe was shot to death for bringing in a chicken, Zalman Goldschmid over a liter of milk a few examples out of many. About two weeks after the Jews in the neighboring towns were taken to Kielbasin, the Germans began liquidating Ghetto Two.First, however, they transferred those with useful professions from Ghetto Two to Ghetto One.From the transit camps the Jews were transported to Auschwitz and Treblinka.Jews from the Bielsk-Podloski subdistrict, in the southern part of the district, were sent directly to nearby Treblinka without passing through a transit camp.To ensure that timing was coordinated throughout the subdistrict, large forces were placed at their disposal from the Gestapo, Sipo (Security Police), Kripo (Criminal Police), Schupo, gendarmerie, and units of the local auxiliary police.

The Germans fired into the crowd, killing seven and wounding many others; the latter were prevented from receiving medical aid.

In the evening, the news spread through the city that the Jews from the neighboring towns had been transported to the Kielbasin camp.

No one went out to work on the first day of the ghettos closure, but from the next day until November 16, a small work force those employed by the Wehrmacht and the Gestapo was allowed to leave.

This demonstration of force had its effect: fewer people congregated at the gate the next day.

Still, on these two days many did manage to steal across or use various ruses in order to enter the supposedly safer Ghetto One.

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