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Hepatitis B is transmitted through blood and body fluids.

It can be spread during unprotected sex, unsafe medical procedures, exposure to blood that enters your body through a cut, or by sharing personal items such as body jewelry or toothbrushes.

If you can’t confirm you were infected as a child, you will need to wait the six months to find out if you cleared your infection.

Please be patient and do not panic, but remember you do need to take precautions during this time to make sure you don’t spread the infection to others.

Most commonly it is spread during childbirth when the mother is infected. When we’re infected as newborns or young children, our immature immune systems don’t notice or fight the virus and it travels to our liver and begins reproducing.

With no opposition from our immune systems, a hepatitis B infection can continue for years.

Loaded or not, this is a question that more and more young believers are asking — and in all seriousness.

There seems to be a growing belief among some Christians that sex BEFORE marriage is NOT a sin.

But, if you no longer test positive (or “reactive”) for HBs Ag after six months and you develop hepatitis B surface antibodies (HBs Ab), then you have cleared hepatitis B after an “acute” infection.A quest to find a short-term plan for their sexual desires that gives them a ‘God-sanctioned’ way of dealing with all of their sexual urges. They ask: Does the bible REALLY say that sex before marriage is a sin? Practice safe sex (use a condom), and don’t share personal items that may have trace amounts of blood on them.Also, you can suggest that your family members get screened for hepatitis B and vaccinated if needed.

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