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While it may have seemed more enjoyable because the Tuesday puzzle was so bad, I think it would stand on its own.

It’s a nice midweek puzzle with some zippy fill and a wordplay theme that made me smile.

(See also: ISN’T right above NOT A LOT.) Grids are certainly more elegant without such repetitions.

Seven more things: Simple theme idea, commendably executed.

18d [Bigrams on display in this puzzle’s five longest answers] CCS.

I suppose I would have realized it if I’d ever thought about it, and David (who memorized the periodic table in high school because he’s just that kind of nerd) was surprised that I didn’t know.

I really do prefer my Friday puzzles to be themeless, with a focus on providing the best fill and interesting clues.

The theme here constrains things such that we end up with the super-uncommon (but in the dictionary) word BORESOME. *gavel gavel* One more thing: When your theme gimmick includes ONES, you ought to steer clear of fill like ALL-IN-ONE PRINTER and ONE TO TEN.

Pontiac Mayor Deirdre Waterman told Crain's on Tuesday that she signed a settlement agreement Monday night with Charles Stephens, owner of the Ottawa Towers, a pair of office buildings adjacent to the structure.

Stephens and the city have been locked in a drawn-out legal battle stemming from 2012, when a state emergency manager ordered the structure to be demolished.

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