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Make sure the lease agreement includes all the relevant details, and that you understand the conditions for breaking the agreement before the end of the initial contract period.

Most tenancies are unlimited, which means that once the tenancy has begun, the landlord can only end it by evicting the tenant through the courts or giving at least three months' notice.

Several online portals, such as and others mentioned below, allow you to search furnished apartments and flat shares. In addition, some sites list the total number of rooms (which typically doesn't include bathrooms), the energy rating, and the year of construction.

Many German properties are let unfurnished, often without curtains, light fittings and kitchen appliances.

Renting a two bedroom apartment will typically cost upwards of EUR 300 per month.

This will be higher in popular areas and large cities.

Sub-letting is legal in Germany and can be an option for temporary accommodation.

Good places to find sub-lets are usually among your network of friends and acquaintances and on the internal message boards of large organisations.

Sky-rocketing rents in certain areas have lead to demonstrations and protests.

Thanks to heavy international investment plus an economy which weathered the financial crisis relatively well, Germany's properties are in demand and rents are rising across the board.

As legislation restricts rental increases for existing tenants, prices are often increased dramatically when a new lease is arranged.

This notice can be contested by the tenant, and will usually only be accepted where the landlord has a good reason for the notice being given.

Likewise, rent increases should be justified, unless they follow a scheme laid down in the tenancy agreement.

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