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Resolute and independent at a time when women did not often travel alone, Mrs.

Angiello set off on her own with great enthusiasm on explorations abroad, as well as across the United States.

Her love of family extended to her husband Gabriel’s seven siblings and their spouses.

She was a member of the Scarsdale Woman’s Club as a factotum, a group that worked on philanthropic assignments; she stayed lifelong friends with alumnae of her group. Angiello was an intensely involved member of the Scarsdale Community Baptist Church, participating in many aspects of church life. She also taught Sunday school, delivered home-cooked meals to homebound members, and was a regular member of the Thursday morning Bible Study group. Angiello’s high school yearbook quote from 1938 was an uncanny summation of her own future that would unfold: “It’s not what we gain, but what we give, that measures the worth of the life we live.” “Although she started out early in life with great obstacles, Margery not only never gave up or gave into despondency, but she excelled with gusto in every way and she gave in every way; her greatest characteristics were joy, love and generosity,” her family said. Angiello is survived by her husband of 55 years, Gabriel Michael Angiello, her son Robert and her daughter-in-law, Flor Gonzalez Angiello; her daughter, Nancy Angiello, and two granddaughters.

From 1968 until the time of her death, she was a member of the board of the Woman’s Society; for almost a decade, she was on the board of religious education. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made in honor of Margery Held Angiello to the Scarsdale Community Baptist Church, 51 Popham Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583. Flower was born in Allentown, Pa., to the late Jean and Daniel Milson Thomas.

To have an obituary published unedited, as a paid ad, contact Barbara Yeaker. Angiello was raised in Poughkeepsie and Mount Vernon, by her mother, Helena Wyman Held, who was a seamstress born in Alsace-Lorraine, France; she ran a small shop in the same apartment where she and her daughter lived. Angiello’s father, Paul Held, an immigrant from Germany, died before she was born. Angiello’s life before her own marriage was one of triumph over adversity.

Margery Ann Held Angiello, a resident of Scarsdale for 47 years, died in her home surrounded by her family on Dec. Angiello had celebrated her birthday at her favorite restaurant on the Hudson River, delighting in the beautiful scenery, good food and her family. Angiello was deeply committed to family, her children said. Her mother became gravely ill when Margery was 15 years old (and died when she was 17), leaving her an orphan without siblings, and no one to care for her.

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At age 15, she overcame poverty and potential destitution by earning her room and board as a live-in nursery school aide in a Mount Vernon children’s boarding school, as well as by staying with two of her mother’s clients (with whom Mrs.

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