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He knows he needs to monitor his stress and mood and recognize any changes early.George might be said to have a high level of mental illness, yet also a very high level of mental health.On the other hand, someone may have a chronic mental illness such as OCD or bipolar disorder but maintains well with treatment, has satisfying relationships, a job they like, and good social support.This person would be said to have a higher level of mental illness but also a very high level of mental health.Many people can identify with having a bad job, a bad relationship, or difficulties coping with changes in life situations without having a diagnosable disorder.The model below more accurately fits the relationship between mental illness and mental health.

Fortunately, there are now some excellent online and digital tools for improving mental health and well-being affordably.Often the terms “mental illness” and “mental health” are used interchangeably as if they are the same dimension.From this perspective, someone either has a “disorder” and requires treatment or they don’t need treatment and are fine.I asked him if he had ever been diagnosed with ADD; he said no, but he’d often wondered.He was assessed, found he did have ADD, started a medication and we worked on some strategies for working on his concentration—we completed our work together. He had received all A's in the past year and was excited about school.

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Richard had a low mental illness and high mental health.

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