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These typically include a visit to an inhabited island with an escorted walk around the sandy streets, an opportunity to buy souvenirs and have tea in a café.

Some tours take in a visit to a genuinely uninhabited island, for a chance to swim or for a picnic.

Young coconut leaves, bonthi fan, are used to make toys shaped as birds, fish, pyramids and stars.

Another handicraft utilising a product of the coconut tree, in this case the long narrow strips cut from the stem of palm fronds and known as rukufathi, is used for making food covers (goshi) of various shapes, baiypolhi, a utensil used to winnow rice, and hulani, a food strainer.

They constructed island mosques with coral stone and wood decorated with elaborate carvings.The making of handicrafts in the Maldives reflects the heritage of the islands because items are generally made from locally sourced materials and are intended as useful utensils rather than as tourist souvenirs.Household implements used to be made from coconut shells, food covers and mats from reeds, and vases from hand-turned wood lacquered with colours created from local pigment.Getting to know the Maldives The Maldives offers so much more than sand, sun and sea as the islands are blessed with a rich culture and heritage.A holiday in the Maldives is a chance to gain an insight into this unique country, by exploring island villages, sourcing local handicrafts, visiting heritage sites and the National Museum, tasting local cuisine, and watching cultural performances.

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