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The Pokotia statue makes it clear that the popularity of oracles in this part of South America existed all the way back in time to the creation of the Putaki oracle.There is other support of the early presence of writing in South America dating back to ancient times. The characters on the bricks and statue are identical to the Pokotia writing.If this is true ancient Bolivia-Peru may have been called the mountains of Sunset or the "Sunset Land", by the ancient Sumerians. It would appear that formerly the area where the Pokotia monolithic was found was recognized as a major religious center where citizens came to hear the oracle recited by soothsayers or The Pokotia area along with other areas further north was probably the Sunset Land.It is interesting to note that the name for the oracle Putaki is very close to the name of the site (Pokotia) where the artifact was found.In addition to evidence from South American popular culture (oracle worship) and archaeology there is linguistic evidence that support the Sumerian presence in Bolivia.Mario Montano has found startling linguistic evidence that indicates a Sumerian substratum in the Aymara and Quechua languages.According to Moseley , satellite shrines of one or another of his offspring were worshipped by South Americans (p.68). ) "Great Lord") times, the temple city of Pachacamac , contained the idol of Pachacamac which was a commanding oracle drawing devotees from Ecuador in the North through Bolivia in the South.

The presence of Sumerian terms in the Aymara language, and Sumerian writing on the Fuente Magna bowl and Pokotia statue make it This leads me to believe that Bolivia and Peru, may represent the "Tin Land of the West" mentioned in the Sumerian inscriptions.The signs are related to the Proto-Sumerian writing.The phonetic values for the signs are the phonetic values of similar signs found in the Vai writing.It is interesting to note that a major center in this area is Potosi.Bailey suggest that Potosi may relate to the Sumerian term Patesi the Sumerian term for 'priest king'.

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