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So make time to watch movies with your partner and feel the difference that it will bring to your relationship.We can come up with sneaky ways to eat more healthy movie snacks by heading off these bad habits.You may find it difficult to replicate the distinct yellow color, but it’s possible to get the taste right with butter and salt.If you’re using the microwave, add 30ml of coconut oil and ¼ of a cup of popcorn kernels to a microwaveable bowl.You know that the movies aren't nearly as fun without snacks, especially when everyone else is chomping away around you.So here are a few ideas for creative ways to keep your weight loss plan on track.

You can still satisfy your sweet tooth with items from the theater snack bar.This separates the water, clarified butter, and the milk solids.Skim the water off (it will be foamy and will float to the top) and pour the yellow clarified butter over the popcorn.And you won't believe the amount of fat and calories you add when you slather butter on. If you don't have a popper, simply use your microwave and pop kernels in a covered glass bowl.Most butter-flavored toppings added 120 calories or more You might add a meal's worth of calories with just a pump or two of the flavored oil. Then add spices or seasonings for a burst of flavor.

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