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Being 52 I'd not 'date' anyone younger than 45...we'd simply not have anything in common.Signed up free and for one moment didn't believe the views or winks.I'd always reply ' sorry too young for me...bye' You can spot the scams as they will invariably start with one of the four following: 1) Are you alone?2) Can I ask you something 3) Can I have your email/whatsapp 4) I'm feeling naughty!When I called to cancel they were all for extended my membership for free or adding enhancements.When I said I intended to leave a review of the scam artists and fake profiles they quickly agreed to cancel ) ) Have also spoken to my bank and ensured that they don't accept any further payment requests from them.Also as a paying member I am being limited in the number of searches that I carry out, Again having tried to contact the site administrators, they can't be bothered to acknowledge my email.This site is a scam and the site administrators are clearly a part of that scam and are deliberately running a site to defraud people.

Maybe you are looking for a fifty plus woman or trying to find an intelligent older man, or an attractive older woman.I automatically imagine it's some bearded overweight sweaty man sitting in a filthy room.:0( Oh, anyone that sends you a message that refers to you as 'dear' is defo an African scam artist English /Americans/ Europeans simply don't use the word.And when you try and cancel the administrators do not seem content with your explanation for leaving and believe if the offer you a free month or extend your membership with more feature you may stay.I had to ask politely 4 times "can you please cancel my membership".

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I now have a very enlightened view of the people of the lo life people of Ghana!

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