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I would greatly appreciate any help or replies that may get the news feed working correctly again.shows your News Feed, it’s time for another shake-up.The update adds to the core signals Facebook uses to rank the feed, which include how much a viewer is interested in a content’s author, how the post is performing with other users, how strong the author’s past posts were, what type of content it is and how recently is was posted.The biggest adjustment that is being rolled out today is based on the realization that the amount of time people spend reading or watching content they clicked on is a strong indicator for what types of content they like.Facebook is also promoting a diversity of Pages in your News Feed.It found people got miffed when they saw a bunch of posts by a single publisher clogging their feed.I mean, that’s the whole point of the update in the first place. Social Media Examiner conducted a Facebook Live to discuss the news feed update that resulted in more than 5,000 shares, 400,000 views, and 1,000 comments. It shouldn’t be surprising that the posts from marketers about the news feed change did so well in the news feed. Facebook wants engagement, but you can’t bait users into it.After a quick glance, it looks like a typical video of theirs gets fewer than 10,000 views. You can actually get engagement without engagement bait.

If you do create a group, however, do so intelligently.

Posts that get long, thoughtful replies will get priority in your feed. Admittedly, I’m not as active on my page as I once was. I basically post when I have something to say, and it’s typically about once per week. That they’ll find helpful, educational, or entertaining. But sit down and create a list of ways that you can help, educate, or entertain your target audience. In case you forgot, engagement bait was the focus of another news feed update in late 2017.

Still, kind of weird to get that type of engagement when it’s supposed to be disappearing, right? Then decide the best way to communicate that message. That means, no vote baiting, reaction baiting, or share baiting…And no tag baiting or comment baiting…This is a confusing concept for some marketers.

Sites and articles where people spend more time will be shown higher and more frequently in the News Feed, while those they quickly ditch will be demoted.

This helps it continue to fight clickbait and gives a boost to high-quality content people can’t look away from.

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I don’t recall seeing a signficant drop in my page post performance after that change. While I already have multiple paid private communities, I think there’s room for a free one as well.

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