Nis slave not updating

The shared properties allow the machines within the domain to be aware of each other and operate together.

The Id M servers act as central repositories for identity and policy information.

Then the user can access Id M services without the system prompting for the credentials again.

They interact with the Id M servers to access domain resources.

Most of the following services are not strictly required to be installed on the Id M server.

For example, services such as a certificate authority (CA), a DNS server, or a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server can be installed on an external server outside the Id M domain.

For example, Kerberos tickets use time stamps to determine their validity and to prevent replay attacks.

If the times between the server and client skew outside the allowed range, the Kerberos tickets are invalidated.

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Id M significantly reduces the administrative overhead of managing different services individually and using different tools on different machines. Users log in to the system and are prompted for a password every single time they access a service or application.

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