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I’m reading it in a warnet in upland Indonesia after spending time in a village.Thinking about these multiple repertoires from a non-monoglot-oriented perspective is really fruitful, both in the village (influenced by labor migration) and in town (influenced by tourism, especially European).I think I’ve used other terms elsewhere – maybe “passive bilingual conversations”?

The assumption is that both speakers have at least some passive competence in the other’s language.

Celso Alvarez Cáccamo ——— When I went to Bolivia in December 2010, it was interesting to listen to people from my group (A) speak in English to person B, who translated the English to Spanish to person C.

Person C translated Spanish to Quechua, to Person D.

28) dating to Bloomfield and Weinreich, and the “hegemony of monolingual ideologies” (p.

29) on the policy front, as problematic, particularly when characterizing contact issues in communities and language mixing in actual speakers.

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(I’ve recently been informed by my Sociolinguistics colleagues that “receptive” is the preferred term for this form of bilingualism in their camp, as “passive” seems to downplay the complexity of comprehension.) The aforementioned volume highlights two-way receptive bilingual situations, such as the one that you describe, as a desired model of multilingualism and multiculturalism that is promoted throughout Europe (notwithstanding increasing attacks on multiculturalism):

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