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For another sensory experience, music coordinated lightshows are also available, featuring epic accompanying tunes.Dark Side of the Moon, Led Zeppelin, U2 and other artists provide the soundtracks for these exciting features.The gay rights group GLAAD, however, says the show sends the wrong message and is a sad reminder of so-called gay conversion therapy, often faith-based efforts designed to change sexual orientation that can be emotionally scarring.New Jersey and California in 2013 banned therapists from practicing gay conversion therapy on children and teenagers.The First Peoples Exhibit reflects on the prehistoric populations that once lived in Utah, while the Native Voices segment illustrates the first five nations of Native American peoples in Utah.

Exhibitions include Past Worlds of Utah, depicting the area’s progression over the past 500 million years and the Great Salt Lake, which provides interactive opportunities to touch, smell, and even taste the unique qualities of the epic lake.The Asian highlands exhibit features the Siberian lynx, Pallas’ cats, snow leopards, Amur leopards, and Amur tigers.The Rocky Shores exhibit houses harbor seals, grizzly bears, polar bears, and sea lions.Preston 'Pret' Dahlgren has led what might seem like a picture-perfect Mormon life: He met his high school sweetheart in Sunday school as a teenager, completed his mission and married her.He is active in the church and the proud father of two young daughters.'While the church does not promote marriage as a treatment method for same-sex attraction, couples who are trying to be lovingly supportive of each other while being true to their religious convictions deserve our support and respect,' said church spokesman Eric Hawkins.

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